Solomon Rubin

Solomon Rubin

I'm a Software and Cyber Security Engineer out of Washington DC who
is dedicated to continuously developing my technical and professional
skills through intensive hands-on learning. I have a particular focus in
the intersection of Cyber Security and Software Engineering as well as
significant experience within System Architecture.

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Skills & Accomplishments

Awards and Certifications

  • Federal Law Enforcement Award
  • Directors Awards, MITRE
  • SkillsUSA: National Bronze Web Design Champion
  • OSHA - 10 Hours
  • RIT: Computing Award (Scholarship)


  • Python, Java, Javascript
  • NodeJS, Bash/Zsh, PHP
  • Ruby, Go, Git, Svn
  • SQL, CI/CD, Vim
  • Nginx, Apache

Systems & Apps

  • Debian, Arch
  • RHEL, MacOS
  • Adv Networking
  • Distributed Systems
  • Applied Crypto

Work Experience

9/2019-Present :: San Francisco, Ca

FOSSA is a fast growing venture-backed startup developing code analysis tools to help modern teams manage their open source dependencies. FOSSA's products helps teams track the open source used in their code and automate tasks like license scanning / compliance, vulnerability management, software inventory and more. Since then, over 3000 open source projects (Kubernetes, Webpack, Terraform, ESLint) and companies (Docker, Tesla, Mapbox, Hashicorp) rely on FOSSA's tools to ship software. If you are in the software industry today, you're now using code that runs FOSSA.

Project links: FOSSA Github

5/2016-9/1019 :: McLean, Va

MITRE is a government research enterprise that specializes in Cyber Security and Technical innovation. At MITRE, I been afforded the unique opportunity to hone two complimentary skills, Cyber Security and Software Engineering. Through a series of focused and high impact projects I've been able to lead core engineering efforts and design significant systems for our sponsors. I have also been a core engineer on a custom Digital Forensics and Incident Response tool, a Cyber Threat Analysis tool, and an advanced secure storage infrastructure. These efforts resulted in multiple awards, including a Federal Law Enforcement Award and a Directors Award.

Project links: Thumbtack Image Mounter

MIT Lincoln Lab
2/2014-8/2015 :: Boston, Ma

MIT Lincoln Lab is a government funded research facility where I worked within the Space Systems & Technology Group. Lincoln Lab provided me with an opportunity to step into cutting edge technical research at a very young age and gave me direct control over portions of the projects I worked on. Projects such as the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) project allowed me to work on challenging problems that required innovative solutions. I was able to explore a plethora of topics that I would not have otherwise access to such as machine learning, image processing, parallel computing on supercomputers, and several other topics.

Project links: Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR)

2011-2015 :: Online

Escapecraft is a Minecraft gaming community where I was a volunteer System Administrator. This community provided an environment and platform for rapid, hands-on learning with enterprise-like configurations. I was responsible for ensuring the long term functionality of the game server. I also designed and implemented tools for management and administration of the server and of in-game users.

Project links: Serubans (Java) Hatme (Java) EscapePlug (Java)



PulseClient is an Open Source alternative client for the popular SMS app PulseSMS on android. PulseClient uses Vue.js to create a lightning fast, responsive webapp to enable easier and faster SMS communication from your computer. The project has since been accepted as the upstream for the official PulseSMS web client providing service to more than 1 million users.

Project links: Source Code


Cloud.Serubin.Net is a complex distributed service network designed to provide self-hosted services for personal use. The system utilizes distributed computers and advanced networking techniques to provide scalability and high availability. Cloud.Serubin.Net uses KVM, Docker swarm, Tinc-vpn, Wireguard, and other advanced networking to accommodate a distributed platform hosting more than 7 services and 10 websites.

Project links: Source code - soon


This dotfiles framework provides lightweight highly configurable set of defaults. It aims to define sane and well featured defaults for ZSH, Bash, Vim (as an IDE), tmux, and much more. It also features a simple yet powerful installer and updater for multiple platforms.

Project links: Source Code


A highly functional and featured, self-hosted URL shortener. Designed as a standalone application, Manglr allows for anyone to host their own URL Shortener and track analytics and statistics on shortened URLs. Manglr is designed as microservices to enable high scalability. Work in Progress.

Project links: Source Code